Q: How is the chicken cooked?
A:  Our Chicken is cooked fresh to order on an open flame charbroiler grill.  In the last minute of cooking, it is lightly basted in our Magic Sauce.

Q: Is the meat Angus beef?
A:  Yes, all of our beef is Angus, and specifically the Angus Beef strips are sliced RibEye Steak

Q: What kind of dressing is on the salad and what is in it?
A: We do not dress our Fresh Cabbage Salad, but we have a House Sesame Supreme Salad Dressing available.  The Salad itself is shredded, fresh Green Cabbage, Purple Cabbage, and Carrots

Q: Can I get my salad without dressing?
A: Yes, we do not dress our Salads for our Guests, but we have a House Sesame Supreme Salad Dressing available.

Q: Can I special order my bowl?
A: Absolutely!  We are able to make all of our Bowls and Plates according to dietary needs or special preferences.  So go ahead, order the Chicken without Sauce (great for those who are Gluten-Free), specify you only want Cabbage and Broccoli in your Bowl, or substitute the Cabbage Salad for extra Rice or Veggies!

Q: Do you serve white meat chicken?
A: We do serve White Meat Chicken, upon request.  It is an upcharge of $1 (for Bowls) or $1.50 (for Plates) and takes a few extra minutes to cook, as we cook it fresh to order.

Q: Is your salad dressing gluten free?
A: While our Salad Dressing IS labeled good for Gluten-Free diets, it does contain Soybean Oil, which some experts recommend staying away from if you’re Gluten-Free.  We recommend checking with your personal dietician or physician just to be sure.

Q: Do you always serve oranges on your plate menu?
A: Our Plates all come with Fresh Seasonal Fruit, which is usually a sliced Orange unless otherwise specified.  You are able to substitute another of our side items in place of the Fruit, however.

Q: Why is the Flame Broiler menu healthier than others?
A: The Flame Broiler is proud to serve a menu of straight forward, delicious food.  We are healthier than other fast-casual chains because we don’t use any additives in our cooking process; our Rice and Veggies are steamed and unseasoned, and all of our Meat is cooked to order over an open flame.